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ac servicing & maintenance
Tulare, ca

Get a tune-up before the summer starts to ensure that your system will run cool through the summer months. This call can help you save money from the full cost of a repair later down the line. 


We all know your ac can break down at most inconvenient times. That is why we are here to help. Call today or schedule a booking with us below.

Benefits of a Service Call

Better Air Quality

Debris & dirt can accumulate within your A/C system, which can find its way into your duct system and spread throughout your home or business. This dirt & debris can cause allergies & poor air quality. Our technicians will clean & remove all this debris, improving the air quality inside your home. 

Greater Energy Efficiency 

When cleaning your system, we make sure to clean your blades & coils along with any other essential parts inside the unit. With cleaner coils, you have a better output of cooler temperatures giving your better energy efficiency. Regular maintenance will help lower the cost of keeping your home nice & cool. 

It Saves You Money in the Long Run

With regular maintenance from our HVAC technicians, we will notice any irregularities inside your system preventing your Air conditioner from running at its optimal state. We can catch problems before they become more significant, saving you money in the long run. 

Prolongs System Life Cycle

With regular service calls, you can keep your system performing at its peak state. We make sure to catch problems before they become bigger down the line when you least expect them. 

Before and after 

What is included in a service/maitinece call? 

Leakage Inspection

Our certified HVAC technicians will inspect your system for any leaks caused by corrosion during our servicing call. We will clean out any debris & dust from the system to prevent any water from leaking inside your system.

Dirty Filters

Over time your filters will accumulate a ton of dust & dirt, causing problems like ice formation. The accumulation of debris also causes your A/C to cool insufficiently. Your condenser fins will also be cleaned from any buildup of mold or dirt. 

We Clean out Your Coils

When you have dust & debris on your coils, it will cause your system to overheat, producing a less efficient system. Our technicians will remove all debris, ensuring your A/C runs in tip-top shape. 

Check your Thermostat

Your thermostat will be calibrated & make sure that the schedule it is on will run on your time, extending your system's life cycle. We will ensure the thermostat is away from any significant heat sources that can cause it not to work correctly.

Lubrication of Your Motors & Bearings

Your air conditioner has mechanical parts that are constantly moving when turned on. They need to be adequately lubricated so resistance from friction won't cause harm. This lubrication will extend the life of your motors & compressions.

Tighten any loose wires

All electric connections will be inspected to ensure they do not cause any harm to the user. Any loose connections will be tightened & if needed, replaced. 

get a professional to do the work

Our team of HVAC technicians is fully trained, certified & insured, so you can rest easy knowing you will get a job well done. 

Tulare, Ca.jfif


Be prepared for the summer in Tulare, CA, when you book a servicing appointment with us & get a tune-up of your system. This can help save you from more expensive repairs down the road when you book with us. We all know the summers here can get hot. So make sure to get your yearly maintenance in before it gets too hot. We make sure to serve our city with the best possible team making our homes run cool for the summer. 

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