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ac servicing & maintenance
visalia, ca

Prepare your air conditioning unit for the summer with a quick maintenance call. This call could save you the full cost of repair later down the line & improve the efficiency of the ac system. 

Looking for a REPAIR? 

If your air conditioner is having issues go ahead & give us a call or book an appointment below. 

Benefits of a MAINTENANCE Call

improved Air Quality

Air conditioning units accumulate dirt & debris throughout the life cycle of the unit. This debris can eventually find its way into the duct system, spreading throughout your home. All of this can affect the air quality & bring in outside allergins. We will make sure to remove all debris plaguing your system. 

Greater Efficiency Levels

Our team of experts will clean all of the essential parts of your air conditioning unit, which include all blades & coils. Having cleaner coils will lead have better energy efficiency. It will also help have your A/C run at cooler temperatures. That is why having regular service calls is helpful to keep your A/C system running at its most optimal levels. 


Regular service calls will prevent any unseen problems from going unnoticed. This means that you will be aware of the problem before it becomes a more significant issue, potentially saving you from the total repair cost later down the line.  


Regular maintenance calls keep your air conditioning system at its optimal state. This, in turn, can give you better cooling & efficacy, saving you money on your utility bill. 

Before and after 

What is included in a service/maitinece call? 

Leakage Inspection

During your service call will inspect your air conditioning system & looks for any corrosive damage caused by any leaks inside the unit. Debris & dirt will be cleaned out from the system itself, which will prevent any water from potentially leaking into your A/C system. 

CLEAN Filters

Filters over time gather up a lot of dust & dirt, which causes problems like the formation of ice. Debris & dust can also cause the A/C unit to cool insufficiently. Condenser fins also need to be cleaned from any buildup of dirt or mold. 


Cleaning out your coils is one of the most effective ways to improve your A/C unit. Any debris or dust on your coils can cause your system to overheat, unnecessarily making it run less efficiently. We will remove all debris to make sure you don't have this problem. 

Check Thermostat

Calibrating your thermostat is very important, so we will make sure the schedule it is set on will run at times your need it to. All heat sources around the thermostat will be checked to make sure they aren't causing any unnecessary issues, such as making its senors go off when they don't need to. 


The motors & bearings are in constant motion when the unit is turned on. If they are not properly lubricated, you will find that resistance & friction will wear them down, causing bigger problems. Our tech teams will ensure each part is lubricated to extend the life of your compressors & motors. 

Tighten loose wires

Loose wires are a danger to you & anyone that comes near the system. So our team of experts will double-check each connection. If any wire is loose, we will go ahead & tighten each connection as well as replace anyone that needs replacing.

professional teams

Our technicians are fully trained, certified & insured, so you can rest in peace knowing you have professionals doing the work. 



We are glad to serve our neighboring city of Visalia, CA. With all its fame as the gateway to the sequoias, we realize it needs its business & homes need proper care come the summer. That is why we are here to help make sure each one of its air conditioning systems is running at its optimal state, so you won't have any issues with the summer heat that hits the valley every summer. 

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