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air conditioning installation
Visalia, ca

Looking to get a new A/C installed in your home or office? Look no further than Guardian Air. We will guide you through assessing which system will work for you. We are now offering free estimates on all new equipment.  

Protection Plans

We offer protection plans for any major appliances.

Financing Options

Monthly payment options are  available. 

Professional Installers

All technicians are fully licensed & insured. 

3 easy steps

Executive Making a Phone Call

Book An Online Appointment

Our team will come to you as soon as possible & walking you through which A/C system is right for you! 

Engineer Examining Air Conditioner

Get Your Free Estimate

When our final assessment is made, we will give you an estimate on the installation of the new unit. Any questions you have, we will answer. 

Hands Repairing Air Conditioner

Installation Day

If the price given to you works, then we will then schedule a second date for the day of the installation. Our technicians will then correctly install your new equipment doing everything by the book. 

Air Conditioner
fix or replace?
  • If your a/c older than 15+ Years?

If your system is older than 15 years, it will likely need replacing. Our technicians will help you make the final determination. That way, you don't spend money unnecessarily.  

  • frequent REPAIRS

If you are spending a considerable amount of money on your A/C system and it often still breaks down, then it might be time to replace the unit. Many units can help you save money in the long run despite the higher upfront installation cost.


Many of the older models have older technology that is outperformed by many new A/C units available today. These new units are engineered to run at better efficacy levels that, in turn, provide you with better performance & lower monthly bills. 

  • inconsistant cooling

Older models tend to begin to fail with age. Leaving you with a failing A/C unit that will not keep you cool during the hot summers. 

Benefits of a new A/C UNIT

Having an up-to-date system can save you money & have your home running cool during summer! 


Many of these new systems were made to be quiet while keeping your home cool. 

Newer A/C systems were engineered to have greater energy efficiency rates than their predecessors 10-15 years ago. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, you have the potential to save 50% on your electrical bills with these new systems in place. 


With new equipment, you can save money on repair costs.

choosing the right air conditioner

Picking the right system for your home or office can take time and effort. That is why we are here to help you through the process, making sure it makes sense for your space & wallet. 



It gets hot here in the gateway of the sections or otherwise known as Visalia, CA. Here in the valley temperatures can reach upwards of 100 degrees! That is why it is so important to have the right system for the summer days! That is why we are here to help. 

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